5 Restaurants Recommendation in Malaysia Worth The Money

5 Restaurants Recommendation in Malaysia Worth The Money | Malaysia is a culinary paradise for those of you who like to taste delicious food. There are tons of recommended restaurants to try here. Holidays are not complete if you just take a walk without tasting the tempting culinary delights. In addition, the price of food, especially market snacks here, is not that expensive, it’s quite affordable!

Going for a walk to get to know a new culture doesn’t have to be too far. Malaysia can be the right choice. There are many flights serving routes to Kuala Lumpur, Sabah, or Sarawak. You can also order flights on Malindo flight Traveloka which serves flights to Malaysia with various time options.

Even though you already have a list of tourist destinations in Malaysia, don’t forget to also note down places to eat that you can choose to overcome your hunger. To keep your holidays spend less budget and fun, you really have to find cheap places to eat in Malaysia. So it’s not only delicious but also cheap.

Here are some recommended restaurants in Malaysia:

1.    Restoran Nyonya Food

Nyonya Food Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Malaysia which provides a variety of Asian specialties. This place is highly recommended for visiting tourists. There are also many foods here that are similar to Indonesian food, and not only Malay specialties are served.

5 Restaurants Recommendation in Malaysia Worth The Money
Nyonya Food

So, it’s really recommended for you to visit, especially if you find it difficult or are afraid to try new food because you’re worried it won’t suit your tongue. If you are looking for halal food, here is the menu that is served halal.

The food you can order is spiced fried chicken, Aram fish, kangkung cooked with belacan sambal, various Chinese specialties, various kinds of curries, and so on. Don’t forget to stop by here. The price is also still affordable really.

2.    Restoran Muar Home-Cooked Cuisine

Do you want to eat delicious food at a low price? Try stopping by this restaurant. Many people recommend this place, especially those of you who have limited money. Food prices start from 6RM only. This restaurant serves a variety of home-style Malaysian menus, and of course, it’s halal.

Here, there are lots of delicious menus that you can try, including your fried vegetables and fish brains. There are also omelets and different types of chicken. Your tongue will suit you easily because the menus and spices are almost similar to Indonesian cuisine. Just try it to know the difference!

3.    Restoran Beh Brothers

Do you like noodle-based foods? If the answer is yes, then Beh Brothers Restaurant is the right choice. This place to eat that serves various kinds of noodle variants is highly recommended. The mainstay food in this restaurant is Wantan Mee. However, the food sold here is not Halal Guys, so it’s not for you who are Muslims.

The taste of the food here is really good and spicy. This is perfect if you are a spicy food lover. Apart from wantan mee, there are also various types of dim sum. The place is simple but still cozy. And of course, the price is cheap. It’s perfect if you want to save on a vacation budget.

4.    Food Republic Pavilion

Are you in the Bukit Bintang area and feeling hungry? Come on, try eating at the Food Republic Pavilion. This is one of the recommended cheap places to eat in Malaysia. Located inside Pavilion Mall, this modern concept restaurant serves a variety of local and international dishes.

Food Republic Pavilion
Food Republic Pavilion

This place is quite crowded because besides being cheap, the food tastes delicious. You can order various menus of Malaysian, Indonesian, Korean, Indian, Pakistani, and Japanese dishes. There are also grilled steaks, pasta, and fruit juices. Of course, eating here will really satisfy your tongue and stomach!

5.    Restoran Nasi Ayam Hainan Chee Meng

Dishes with a chicken menu are usually liked a lot and taste delicious. One of the typical chicken menus from Malaysia is Hainanese Chicken Rice. Don’t forget to stop by Chee Meng Restaurant, one of the cheap places to eat in Malaysia.

This restaurant has a menu that is a favorite of local residents in the form of grilled chicken rice or boiled chicken rice topped with fresh chili sauce. There are still many other menus, for example, the Chinese food menu.

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