ANZO is Bursa’s top counter with RM1.3 billion deal and new shareholders

Anzo Holdings Bhd has announced that CSTME Resources Sdn Bhd, which has an AP (approved permit) license has emerged as a substantial shareholder in the company with 11.621 per cent stake.

ANZO is Bursa's top counter with RM1.3 billion deal and new shareholders

That could explain the reason why the stock has been trading at high volume this month, hitting almost 400 million. Anzo was the third most actively traded stock on Bursa Malaysia. Some 216.4 million shares were traded.

Reported the stock closed 14.5 sen today, the highest in three years.

Eddie Chai is Managing Director at Anzo Holdings BHD
Eddie Chai; Managing Director at Anzo Holdings BHD

Analysts who wished to remain anonymous as they are not authorised to speak, said that the stock has the potential to do better in the coming months, thanks to a RM1.3 billion contract it recently secured with a South Korean group.

According to the analyst, “That could be another reason why the stock has been active. Anzo is expected to have guaranteed payment over 40 months, which is the duration of the contract. This will augur well for the company to perform better. Hopefully by the time the contract ends within the next three years, Anzo would have secured a new contract or it may also possibly extend the contract with the South Korean group.”

The analyst also believes that Anzo may attract new shareholders as they look at the potential upside of the company. The analyst said large funds from China have also been buying Anzo shares.

Now that Anzo has a big project in hand they are certainly going to attract global fund managers,” he said.

Meanwhile, CSTME, incorporated in 2014, is one of the major importer and exporter of non-ferrous materials in Malaysia which specialized mainly in copper products.

Last week Anzo, its subsidiaries and CSTME inked an agreement to supply copper scrap to a large group in South Korea. CSTME agreed to buy birch/cliff copper scrap or berry/candy copper scrap from Anzo over 40 months.


Anzo told the stock exchange it will supply up to 60,000 metric tonnes of copper scrap to CSTME at RM23,000 per metric tonne during the contract period.

Effective July 1, CSTME said it will buy the products from Anzo and export them to South Korea. According to Anzo, this deal is expected to strengthen its trading business for sustainable earnings in a long period.

Surely, this deal will also create business opportunities in the international export market for Anzo, which has been looking to diversify its income stream as its current business that includes property development has not been doing so well because of weak market conditions.

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