HUAWEI Consumer Business Group (CBG) today announced the launch of its brand-new audio product HUAWEI FreeClip, expanding the brand’s repertoire of audio product series and catering to a new generation of listeners.

This marks the first open-ear TWS earbuds by Huawei, which sets itself apart from conventional audio technology with its innovative C-bridge Design, leakproof sound technology, IP54-rated water and sweat resistance, AI Crystal-Clear call, and the industry’s first-ever intelligent left-right ear recognition. HUAWEI FreeClip will be available for pre-order exclusively on the Huawei Official Website, HUAWEI Official Store on Shopee, and HUAWEI Flagship Store on Lazada. Stay tuned for more information.

Launched as part of Huawei wearables’ Fashion Forward proposition, the HUAWEI FreeClip presents the best of both fashion-focused design and Open-ear Listening technology, featuring an iconic C-bridge Design which is a groundbreaking design highlight of the earbuds. The innovative design makes the HUAWEI FreeClip the ideal wireless audio companion for users who desire an alternative to in-ear earbuds for versatile uses, such as in sports, fashion, leisure, and mobile office scenarios.
Huawei’s First Open-Ear TWS Audio: Made for the New Generation Listener
During its R&D process, Huawei noticed a growing demographic of listeners who wanted an audio listening experience that had all the technological strengths of contemporary in-ear wireless earbuds but allowed them to stay attuned to their surroundings.

However, many users found conventional open-ear earbuds to be lacking in comfort, audio quality, and aesthetics.

The HUAWEI FreeClip was therefore developed by Huawei as an answer to these evolving needs and to resolve existing pain points in the market. The open-ear TWS earbuds also added features that would boost outdoor sports experiences or working needs, such as online calls and in-person collaborations at the office.

Innovative C-bridge Design: Optimising the Open-Ear Audio Experience
To create open-ear TWS earbuds that provide comfort and style all at once, Huawei thoroughly conducted real user testing and research to achieve an optimal ergonomic fit that still manages to stun in design – basing its design off the data of over 10,000 global human ear data.

This was achieved through three main parts of the earbuds: the Comfort Bean, the Acoustic Ball, and the C-bridge. At the centre of the structural design is the C-bridge Design, which connects the Acoustic Ball and Comfort Bean using a cantilever design. The C-bridge Design is crafted with the industry’s complex techniques, which required 3 years for Huawei engineers to master. The C-bridge Design’s prototypical infrastructure is made of high-performance nickel-titanium (Ni-Ti) shape memory alloy, which ensures optimal comfort for different ear sizes and shapes. Even with its malleability, the C-bridge Design also manages to maintain its durability, and has been stress-tested through 25,000+ reliability tests.

The C-bridge Design also brings the ultimate technology that connects the earbuds’ acoustic, battery and control system, with the Ni-Ti shape memory alloy containing 9 core wires and 1 memory steel wire despite having the thin circumference of a wire. This design ensures each earbud weighs only as light as 5.6g, lightweight and comfortable enough to be worn a full day.
Together with the ergonomic convex-concave structures of the Acoustic Ball and Comfort Bean, each feature works together to produce a secure yet ergonomic fit, staying fastened on the user’s ears while lessening strain and discomfort on the ears. This matters even more to those who need to wear their earbuds over a long period of time, whether its a full workday of back-to-back calls in the office or up to 8-hour music playback.

Leakproof Audio Featuring Reverse Sound Waves System
The HUAWEI FreeClip’s Open-ear Listening technology solves this by relying on two major audio technologies – the high-sensitivity 10.8 mm Dual-magnet High-sensitivity Driver Unit and the Reverse Sound Waves system – which work in tandem to improve audio clarity and prevent sound leakage.
The 10.8 mm Dual-magnet High-sensitivity Driver Unit ensures an increased driving capability of the speakers, resulting in powerful sound production that presents the nuanced tones of the music the user is listening to. Moreover, the C-bridge Design ensures the Acoustic Ball comfortably covers the circumference around the crus of the helix and the antitragus, comfortably fitting the user’s auricles while bringing the audio production closer to the ear canal.

The Reverse Sound Waves System lets users enjoy intelligent volume adjustment while subtly cancelling sound waves. This would help create a more secure and pure listening experience, while sound waves at a distance are cancelled, reducing sound leakage effectively. In addition, FreeClip has designed dual sound rear vents on the backside of the acoustic ball to reversely offset the leakage sound waves and reduce sound leakage.
First Open-Ear Earbuds with Auto Left-Right Ear Recognition
One common challenge of TWS earbuds is the inconvenient sorting between left-right earbuds, which causes inconsistent audio experience or potential discomfort from the mismatch between the ear and earbud. The technology ensures that the earbuds adapt to the users’ comfort and convenience, rather than the other way round, creating a more hassle-free and intuitive user experience.

Made for the Fit and Fashionable: Sweat Resistance and Wind Reduction
On top of its snug and secure fit, the HUAWEI FreeClip is IP54 rated for water and sweat resistance. This makes the earbuds a great fit for users who rely on it during physical activities, whether its music for motivation or staying connected to Bluetooth calls.
The wind noise reduction would help users make conducive calls even while they’re road cycling in public.

For more information, latest updates or promotions on the new products, please visit HUAWEI Official Website, HUAWEI Official Facebook page or Instagram.


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